Friday, September 3, 2010

My first pocket diaper!

I wanted to show off some pictures of my first pocket diaper! It turned out really well. I love the fit of it on Emma, but it's a little narrow between the legs. I have a hard time getting the insert in it. The next one will just have to be a little wider. I'm loving the Sprout Snap Diaper Pattern. I made just a few modifications (narrowing it between the legs, in this case, I got a little too carried away). For the inside I used that soft zebra material I have, and the outside is white PUL. I had to use velcro because I hadn't received my snap pliers yet, but I have them now! All the dipes I make in the future will be with snaps, YAY! And good thing, Emma keeps trying to take this diaper off, I had to put pants on her. I added some ruffles to the butt, too! Note to self: add the ruffles (and snaps) before I sew the diaper together. Since I had this diaper all sewed up when I added the ruffles, I had to do the sewing by hand. If I would have just had the single layer, I could have used my machine. I'll keep that in mind for future ruffle-butt diapers. Now for some pictures!
Skull appliques!

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