Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My most recent diapers

Wow, looking through pictures I've taken of these diapers I'm making, I can see some major progress! Looking back at my first 2 diapers, it's embarrassing! But the good thing is, I'm getting better at it! I think I'm doing pretty well, I only started 2 weeks ago. Here are some pictures!
This is a pink Minky diaper cover. It was my first experience with FOE (fold over elastic). Remember the first diaper cover I made? I tried substituting regular elastic. WAY different. Since I'd never seen FOE, I had no idea what it actually was. But it was a good lesson to learn! So anyway, this was the first diaper I made with FOE. My stitching was a little bit off, and I had lots of problems with the FOE slipping. 
This is a matching diaper I made a few days later (I needed my daughter and my friends daughter to have matching fluff!). You can see that the stitching is a LOT better, and I got my issues figured out with the FOE slipping. It turned out waaay better this time, so the second one is the one I'll be giving to my friend! lol
I used pink Minky on the outside, PUL on the inside, and FOE to bind it. LaDiDa pattern.

This is a pocket diaper I made for my niece. It's made with PUL on the outside, and floral pattern flannel on the inside. If you look closely, you can see my elastic is uneven in the legs, woops! It should still fit pretty nicely, but it's not the most attractive thing. I used the Sprout Snap pattern for this one. I was pretty happy with the pattern, until I tried the LaDiDa pattern!

This is the most recent diaper I've made (just finished it tonight!). It's a pocket diaper made with the LaDiDa pattern. PUL on the outside, flannel on the inside, and I used a satin ribbon to do the ruffle butt. I'm loving this diaper pattern!! I love how the elastic is sewn between the legs to make it narrower, and still able to fit an insert without a problem. With the skull diaper I posted a while ago, I tried making it narrower between the legs, but because of the way I sewed the elastic, it's too narrow to fit an insert! Lucky for me, I still have some newborn inserts sitting around here, but it's just not ideal. I'm learning new stuff every day! I think this diaper would have looked a little better without the ruffles, but I just wanted to do something a little fun! Oh, and I got kind of spacey while working on this diaper, and accidentally forgot to put on the snaps before sewing it together. I decided just to put them all the way though, the inserts still fit alright (as long as I use a newborn.. lol, good thing Emma is a light wetter!) If you look closely, you can see my stitches have improved a TON! I'm loving the practice I'm getting, and I can't wait to start making my newborn stash for the new baby! These next diapers need to look really nice, because I'll most likely be selling them when I'm done. I'm thinking of doing a few size smalls for covers, and a few mediums for pockets, and making them adjustable rise. I can't wait to get started! I got Spiderman flannel, just for Ben. I know he'll be proud that his son has Spiderman on his butt.

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