Friday, October 22, 2010

Cloth diapers!

I finished my cloth diaper stash for the new baby! Well, almost. I sat in front of my sewing machine for 3 days this week, and got a TON of sewing done. 4 new diaper covers for Emma, and 8 new diaper covers for the new baby. I only had girly colored snaps, so the new baby's diapers don't have any snaps on them. So they're not completely finished yet, but once I get those snaps ordered, I can finish them! I also got a new Burlap Purse done, I can't wait to get the tutorial up! So now that 3 days in front of a sewing machine is done, my poor pregnant back needs a break. I'll be posting pictures and tutorials of what I've been up to over the next couple weeks! Here's some pictures of my dipes.

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