Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunburst Mirror

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I've been seeing these sunburst mirrors everywhere! I realized that I had everything I needed right here, so I whipped one up today.
I had an old mirror sitting around. It was a little chipped around the edges, but nothing a border couldn't cover up. I also had some bamboo skewers in a drawer in my kitchen. Alright, let's get to it!
Most people would probably paint their skewers first. I was too impatient to wait for paint to dry (not to mention, I had napping kiddos), so I did that step last.. lol If you want to do it in the proper order though, go ahead and paint them first.
Start off by tracing your mirror onto a piece of card stock, and cut it out. 
Make a dot in the middle. I wanted 3 different lengths for my spokes, so I made 2 circles around the dot using a protractor. 
Using a ruler, draw lines of where your spokes will go. I figured I would have 16 (I changed this in the end, I'll explain later). The first 4 meet in the middle at the dot, the next 4 meet on the inner circle, and the last 8 meet at the outer circle. 

Hot glue your skewers to the card stock.

Once you have all your spokes on, hot glue your mirror onto the card stock/skewers. This part was tricky because you want to have a lot of hot glue on there, but it cools rather quickly. I did it the quickest I could, slapped the mirror on, and then held a hair dryer to it. Once it was heated, I pressed it firmly together to make sure it was sealed.
I got it this far, and then decided that there wasn't enough spokes. So I snapped a few more skewers in half and made a shorter layer of spokes (16 more half-skewers). These would have sat on the outer circle. 
Now that the mirror is put together, you can add a border. I added one because my mirror was chipped along the edges. I think otherwise it would have looked pretty good without one. I used 2 different sizes of rhinestones that I hot glued to the mirror. 
On the back of the mirror, I hot glued a bent bobby pin to hang it onto the wall.
Doesn't it look FABULOUS! I smile every time I pass the hallway now!


  1. you've inspired me.. i really need to make one of these as well! yours looks great!

  2. Awesome job! Love quick crafts! This is perfect.


  3. Cute definately channels a retro-feel. Love how it turned out and love its new space in your house!

    xx Cat brideblu