Sunday, December 19, 2010

Upcycled Cowl Neck Scarf

I saw this post at Diary of a Crafty Lady last week, and thought that I HAD to make it. It's so simple! Last night I finally got around to digging out an old sweater, and went to work. It barely look any time at all. And isn't it cute?
I started out by finding the best place take the fabric from. It worked out perfectly (buttons and all) to take it from around the waist. 
I cut a slit up to where the buttons were, so I had one long piece of sweater material. Then I folded it in half lengthwise. Turning it button side in, I sewed the cut edge together, so I had a long tube. Then I turned it button side out. 
Once I figured out how the buttons were going to connect, I had to snip them off and sew them on the other side, and cut new button holes. 
Here's the finished product!
You gota love how the pea coat makes way for my gigantically 35 week pregnant tummy! (I'm not normally this wide).


  1. Looks amazing! It's great too, because this color will go with everything:)
    Thanks for linking back to my blog.
    Congatulations on the baby coming!

  2. SO cute!! And congratulations on the soon to be arrival!

    Come link up at Giggls, Glitz & Glam

  3. darling darling version! Perfect color that will go with everything (big prego belly and all!)