Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pacifier/toy clip

With a new baby coming (just around the corner!) and a toddler too, I was thinking I'd be needing some toy clips. We don't normally use pacifiers, but they can be used for that, too. All you'll need is ribbon, a clip, and velcro or snap pliers. Metal or plastic snaps would work fine. I made 2 different toy clips. One has snaps on both ends, so I can snap it around a toy, and the other end can be snapped around the handle of a carseat or stroller. I made it with 2 different snap adjustments on each end. The other one I made with snaps on one end, and a clip on the other. That way I can clip it to the baby's shirt and snap the other end around the toy's handle or pacifier. Here's some pictures, they're pretty self explanatory.


  1. what a fantastic idea, so simple but so useful! thanks for sharing
    Leigh xx

  2. That is such a great idea to make them two different ways. This is on my list of accessories I am planning on adding to Mini Diva Creations. Yours came out so cute & looks really easy to make. BTW if you don't mind where would I be able to purchase those types of clips? Thanks so much for sharing & look forward to stay connected to ur blog.