Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fantastic new sites!

Well, new to me, anyway. I just recently got hooked on Pinterest and Food Gawker. A lot of you are probably familiar with one or both of those sites, but within the last couple weeks, I've gotten totally hooked! Pinterest is a place to catalog all of your favorite things. Instead of adding a page to your favorites or bookmarks, you "pin it" to your Pinterest page. You can make all these different categories, and it lays it out so you can easily browse through it. It even has each site pinned as a photo so you can easily find what you're looking for. You can even make notes! This website is majorly ideal for crafters, bakers, photographers, designers, you name it. Not only can you "pin" your favorite things, you can browse through what everyone else is pinning. And guess what. I pin things that I see at the Link Parties all the time, so you might even see some of YOUR ideas pinned up there! I've gone a little over board (as in, I spend most of my evenings now either browsing Pinterest or pinning things to Pinterest, heh). Feel free to come follow me on Pinterest! And if you'd like an invite, leave your e-mail address in the comments (or e-mail me at
And then there's Food Gawker. I can't even put into words how AWESOME this site is. It's not just a site with recipes. It's an AWESOME site with recipes. Most other websites are set up kind of so-so, it just doesn't draw you in. Food Gawker takes in submissions for recipes, and they pick the best ones to post to their site every day. Each recipe is posted as a picture with a short description of what it is. This wouldn't be so extraordinary if all of the recipes weren't so awesome. There's such a huge selection, anything you could ever want to make. I think my days of Googling recipes are over. No more for me! (that site kind of blows anyhow). Anyway, most submissions to FG are made by bloggers, like me! So of course, I took it upon myself to submit some of my recipes, I'm hoping to see them on there! And of course, if you check out my Pinterest page, you'll see TONS of fun food ideas that I've pinned! So GO NOW! Enjoy. :)
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  1. I hate allrecipes!! It's like, here's a recipe, and here are 4000 comments from people telling you how the modified the recipe. Although, I did find a yummy recipe there last night for home-made teriyaki sauce...

  2. I following you on Pinterest now!